Birdhouses (a nesting project).

It’s kind of cruel of Joann’s to position a large bin of $1 dollar birdhouses right outside the door. How is a pregnant woman supposed to be able to resist buying one? Or five? Even if she’s not at all sure what she’s going to do with them and therefore has to spend the walk home scheming about yet another eleventh hour nesting project?

The birdhouse wall.

After visualizing some uses in Camilla’s room (most of which ended with small objects being dropped inside and mama being asked to get them out), I ended up deciding to put them on the sticker wall in the living room.

I fully admit to taking inspiration from this amazing sneak peek on design*sponge, although I kept my paint job simpler because there’s already a lot going on in this room. The paint colors were taken from the swirly floral pillow and ended up being surprisingly tricky to match. But I persevered.

To be honest, now that I see them on the wall, I can’t tell if the birdhouses look a little too I-found-these-at-Joann’s-and-painted-them-myself! (which is, of course, entirely true). But they add a bit of color and interest  so I’m letting them stay for now.

I did, however, have to remove the big blue bird that used to be there.  The houses would have been a pretty tight squeeze for him.

In other news, I am still waiting around to have a baby and have pretty much ceased all sewing/crafting activity because I don’t want to come home from the hospital to a table full of  sewing supplies. That hasn’t stopped me from scheming a little bit, though. I’ve decided that I want to try a 52-week photo project with the new babe like this one. And can I take a minute to mention how much I love Young House Love in general? Lots of nice prop-your-feet-up-and-read archives to catch up on. Anyway, I want to make sure that I don’t fall into the classic first kid has lots of photos, second kid have hardly any trap and I think a weekly photo will sort of force the issue. Camilla is welcome to be in them too, of course, but we’ll have to see if she’ll lie down and play.

Plus, between my current stash and many weeks’ worth of fabric I like, I should have more than enough to make a cute pair of sister quilts like this one at the end of the year. How’s that for motivation?


6 thoughts on “Birdhouses (a nesting project).

  1. Cannot wait to see the photo project progress! (Side note…I’d been to that blog before on a wedding related quest :-)
    And I love the birdhouses. Annnddd, I just realized that you do indeed live close enough to walk to Joann’s and I am so jealous. My husband however, is totally grateful that we do not.

  2. the birdhouses look cute! I have you to blame (thank!) for sending me to I have spent the last two hours browsing their website. Amazing! I want to paint my furniture, paint the walls, re-arrange rooms and re-do my yard! Wow!

    I hope you are feeling well and ready to go. Hope your labor and delivery go smoothly. You and your family are in our prayers.

  3. Oh good gravy, you are putting me to shame with all of your last-minute crafting!

    But those look super awesome, and I love the idea. Would also look really cute in a nursery! (wheels turning in my head right now) Nicely done, paula, nicely done.

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