The new nursery.

It’s rather fortunate that we’re having another girl because our kids are going to be sharing a lot, whether or not they want to: clothes, shoes, toys, a bedroom… We’re quite happy in our little two bedroom apartment and have no plans to move, so one of the challenges I gave myself a few months ago was to figure out how to fit a toddler bed into the room and still leave lots of space for play. This is the arrangement I ended up with.

The nursery.

I originally had something else in mind but found that my options were limited by the placement of outlets around the room. That sounds like a minor detail, but Camilla is very adept at prying out outlet covers so I needed to have bare wall by each bed and not a lot of hanging cords. In the end, this was pretty much the only furniture arrangement that met all the criteria.

I’m not keen on having too many transitions at once, so Camilla hasn’t started sleeping in her “big girl” bed yet. I figure we’ve got about three months with the bassinet before the girls have to truly share a room, and in the meantime I’m trying not to think about how that’s going to work out. The toddler bed has seen a lot of bouncing action, though. It is evidently very, very good for bouncing.

I ended up painting the rocking chair and I really like the creamy white. It makes things a bit crowded on this side of the room, but Camilla does enjoy some nice rocking every now and then. You can also see a bit of my new green rug. Stitching two together worked out very nicely, although they were not exactly the same width and there’s a bit of a bump on one side. Just another in a long list of imperfections that that this pregnant woman is not going to let bother her.

Here’s that side of the room again. Notice how Camilla is moving in all these shots? Yah, that’s pretty true-to-life. That girl does not want to sit still if she doesn’t have to.

I consider myself lucky that she find her sister’s new books so fascinating.

Exploring sister's things.

Sister’s things are also very fun to pull out and play with. I haven’t broken out the carseat yet, but I’m sure that it will be a whole new level of entertainment. I’m almost afraid to find out how fun it is.


2 thoughts on “The new nursery.

  1. It’s gorgeous! Looks like everything fits in there beautifully. Sure love seeing your Renaissance Fair artwork. Fun to see Cowboy, too. :) Great job Paula! Thanks for showing us.

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