A photo recap.

After my laptop died I pretty much stopped posting photos because I am a vain human being and I like to do a certain level of editing before I put them out there on the internet. Picasa is no substitute for Photoshop but we are at least on speaking terms now so I spent a while yesterday afternoon playing catch-up. Sorry to do the big photo dump, but for the grandparents’ sake…here’s what we did in the last month and a half.

Uncle Tim's turtle.

We went to see Uncle Tim, Aunt Hilary, and Cousin Annie in Panama City Beach. Uncle Tim had a box turtle.

Turtles just happen to be some of Camilla’s favorite animals.

She also enjoyed playing in Uncle Tim’s nice big yard, although the fence was a little too high to throw “poe-cones” (pinecones) over.

Trying to throw the pinecone over the fence.

The “pee-no” (piano) is a big highlight of every trip to Panama City, and this time she learned to toot the pennywhistle as well.

Playing two instruments at once.

It’s also fun to play with grandma.

Piano with grandma.

And to eat pear with grandma.

Pears with grandma.

And to try on grandma’s crocs.

Shoes with grandma.

While we were there, the fam threw me a nice early birthday dinner…

Early birthday dinner.

…and dessert.

Camilla got to eat cake, her all-time favorite food.

Eating cake with daddy.

And to play to grandpa.

Having fun with grandpa.

After grandpa left to go back to Pullman, grandma came to stay with us for five days while husband was out of town on a spring break school trip. It was wonderful. In addition to doing all sorts of fun things around Pensacola, grandma got Camilla a Cozy Coupe as an early Easter present.

Assembling the car.

After a fun-filled but exhausting trip to Toys’R’Us, I didn’t have the energy to put the car together that night and waited until the morning. Oops. Camilla was so excited that she sat in the seat as soon as I pulled it out of the box and refused to be separated.

Toy assembly is a lot more complicated when a) your belly gets in the way and b) your child has already started playing with the toy. But the results were worth it.

Is it really mine?!?



Naturally, it’s also fun to ride around outside.

The Car still lives in our apartment right now, but as soon as we fill up with baby stuff I think it’s going to become a permanently outdoor toy. Camilla will be sad, but our walls will appreciate it.

My 31st birthday.

During April, I had the privilege of turning 31. We decided not to have a big party since husband is turning 30 this year and we want to throw one for him (stay in there, baby!). But since Camilla loooooooooooves cake and candles and singing the happy birthday song, we had a little family party anyway.

I think that’s how she learned that my name is Paula and now she calls me that sometimes.

I don’t mind.

Mm, delicious chocolate cake from Publix.

Cake, her favorite food.

I don’t have very good after photos, but I should mention that I rather accidentally had Camilla’s long and lovely locks cut off this week. They were getting a wee big scraggly and I thought it might be time to go to a professional for a trim.

Bouncing on the couch.

(Bouncing on the sofa and trying to open the discman are two of her current favorite activities.)

Unfortunately, the stylist and I had a little miscommunication and things ended up short. Real short. After the initial shock and a little bit of repair work — I guess I’m not so bad after all! — I have come to really like the new ‘do.

And, as husband pointed out, at least it’s hair. Hair grows back.

More reasons why I love that man.

My feet have been so swollen lately that I’ve been forced to sit and put them up during Camilla’s nap instead of sewing (thank you, 90 degree weather).  So, maybe there will be a few more posts before baby comes. I am personally voting for the week of June 13, but birthing doesn’t seem to be a very democratic process (or perhaps our votes just cancel each other out?).

At any rate, there doesn’t seem to be anything to do at this point but hurry up and wait.


4 thoughts on “A photo recap.

  1. Thanks soooo much for posting these! Such great shots, especially the ones with your folks. Maybe the love of driving was born into Camilla. Sure know I couldn’t wait to drive from the time I was small. She looks every inch thrilled with her car. Love it!

  2. Your photos are always, reliably gorgeous–and they brought back terrific memories! You should have thrown in one or two more of you building that car! It was truly a labor of love for your daughter! Also, getting the birthday cake for yourself looked equally important and enjoyable to her and Josh! We all love you, sweetie–see you soon!

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