Nesting, nesting, nesting.

(Hummed to the tune of “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…”)

I have to admit that I had been wondering if baby #2 was ever going to give me that nesting kick-in-the-pants. I was quite content for a long time to sit down with my swollen feet propped up while Camilla took her nap. I could look around the living room at various unfinished projects and think “eh.” My cleaning efforts were surface at best.

And then one day last week, all that changed.

It’s a bit unfortunate that I only have something like 5 or 6 weeks left to go at this point, given the sorts of things that I’d like to accomplish. Hormones, couldn’t you have woken up a little sooner? Like, when I could still bend over without causing waves of contractions? But better late than never, and the good news is that I’m functioning quite nicely on very little sleep and no longer have the desire to just sit around on my tush. I pulled out the sewing machine last weekend (= major victory over inertia) and it’s been humming a bit every day since. Ahhh. I think I might finish that sofa slipcover after all…that and those new throw pillow covers for the living room, the curtain and matching cushion cover for Camilla’s room, the pad for her little rocking chair, the paint touch-ups, fixing those shelves, hanging those curtains and a few other things that I haven’t thought of yet. Josh is going out of town this weekend, and rather than mope and watch movies I’m going to try to be productive. Whoah. Wish me luck.


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