(Not my) knitting.

So, I made myself a rather foolish bargain. Since the one-nap system began there hasn’t been a lot of computer time, so I told myself that I had to take photos and list my stash of Craigslist stuff before I could put up another blog post. That took until, ah, yesterday, and now here I am. (Happily, three things sold right away, although I’m guessing that the rest will linger for quite a while. And since the desk unexpectedly sold immediately I now need a new piece of furniture to put the stereo on. Oops.)

I have some lovely knitting to show you, it just happens to not be mine. These pieces are by the clever and talented Ali Tong.

Sweater by Ali Tong.

My mother-in-law commissioned a new sweater for Camilla, and here it is. (I told Ali not to put buttons on…I like to pick those out myself.)

Who, me? Cute?

In addition to the sweater, she also knit me a cabled had as a swap for some art.

Hat by Ali Tong.

Got to love the way you don’t look pregnant in a head shot.

Naturally it looks better on her.

Camilla loves putting hats on, so I let her try it as well.

Probably shouldn’t have, since of course it looks cuter on her.

Love the cables.

It’s going to be a while before I am confident enough as a knitter to attempt cables, so for now I will just enjoy the fact that I have talented friends.

Here’s hoping that we get one more little cold spell so I can wear this before next fall…


7 thoughts on “(Not my) knitting.

  1. Really love seeing these shots. Ali did such a beautiful job. You and Camilla are both lovely in the hat, but I must admit I think Camilla is also adorable. :)

  2. This comment has nothing to do with knitting – though the hat and sweater are very cute. I tried to crochet Camilla a little chick. I got the body done but just COULD NOT figure out the feet and the thing on top of the head. The beak looked okay but could not figure out how to attach it. Anyway, I chose an alternate medium and some little chicks are on the way to your house. Let me know if you don’t have them in a week – I sent them on Tuesday. Happy Easter!

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