A quick fix.

I have been at a loss when it comes to the living room wall behind our couch. It is large. It is white. It is mostly empty. What to (cheaply) do?

The only thing that’s been there for months is the clock/wall sticker, which was left over from when our living room arrangement looked like this:

Paper garlands in the living room.

But then I moved some furniture and the sofa went against the wall, and for a while it looked like this:

But while I love the look of lots and lots of frames on other people’s walls, I just couldn’t handle it on my own. Too. Much. Stuff. So I took them down, leaving only the lonely clock. I considered three or five framed prints, I considered mirrors, I considered one big piece of fabric wrapped over canvas. But they all meant losing the clock (which I kind of like), and they all meant spending rather a lot of money.

So when I was wandering through TJMaxx sans child the other day and admiring all the pillows and throws and miscellaneous decor that I knew my husband wouldn’t like, I came across a set of wall stickers for $10. I almost left them there, but then started to consider the situation. Cons: wall stickers are a little bit overdone, a little bit generic, you can go overboard with these things. Pros: they work with the bird/tree thingy that’s already going on, they take up a lot of space, they’re nice clean silhouettes, $10.

In the end, the math was irrefutable and this was the result.

New wall stickers.

Due to the way they were printed on the page, the branches are a little more spindly than they initially seemed. I think they are also meant to be positioned sideways, but that just didn’t work for my wall.

They are very easily re-positionable, so I’ll probably fuss with the branches and leaves a bit more before I’m satisfied.

For $10 and 30 minutes of work, though, this tired pregnant woman is pretty happy. I might even go back and pick up another set to fill in the gaps.

(Other free/cheap improvements: I realized that the ottoman in Camilla’s room looked great in the living room, so now I can stop looking for a replacement for our tired grey ones. Yay! I also located an overpriced match for the endtable on the left at an antique store, and I’m thinking about making a counteroffer so we have a decent set. And I ordered fabric for new throw pillow covers to add a bit more color to the room. And I have some new curtains in the closet to bring out whenever I happen to get around to finishing that slipcover…)


5 thoughts on “A quick fix.

  1. I agree with the other two–I LOVE your sticker trees! It’s simple, beautiful, and cohesive–but I really love the sheepskin over the stool. I hope you get the other end table, too! I hope to see it in person in 1 1/2 weeks!

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