A hat for Eliza.

This is another belated baby gift that I need to send asap since it’s not going to fit for long!

A hat for Eliza.

The pattern is simple newborn hat with a touch of lace, which I found (of course) on Ravelry.

It’s a really pretty little pattern and fairly easy.

Which is why I have no excuse for the amount of trouble it gave me.

I started out on size 3 needles, which ended up being just too big for the yarn. I messed up on the lace pattern once with those and once with 2s, so by the time the third try came around I used a stitch marker after every repeat. Sheesh. I guess I lose count really easily at 10 pm. With the markers everything went okay, although I can see a lot of problems with my tension on the plain old stockinette stitch. Fortunately, the very small recipient is unlikely to care.

Here it is again, modeled by the ever-patient Baby.

It turns out that I have about 3/4 of a skein of the yarn left over, so I’m going to try to eke a small short-sleeved cardigan for Camilla out of it. I had something else lined up, but the spring colors are whispering my name and really, why should I resist?

3 thoughts on “A hat for Eliza.

  1. Paula – that hat is beautiful! I saw your post on facebook about the other pixie hat you made, and have enjoyed browsing over some of your other posts. :) I can’t think of anyone who’s having a baby soon that I know well, but I think I’ll print the pattern for later on. Just a couple of questions – what yarn did you use? I love the colors. Hope all is well in Pensacola!

    – Margaret Grauke

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