A hat for Coen.

I finished this little number while we were driving up and down the beach on our glorious Monday holiday. It is really really nice here in northern Florida, people. Like, 75+ degrees nice. Open the windows, go outside whenever you can, soak up the sunshine nice. The only problems with this kind of weather are (a) my feet have started to swell a little and (b) it’s impossible to stop a little part of your brain from constantly calculating: if it’s this warm in February, how hot will it be in June?

But back to the hat. I used the Pixie Hat Debaser pattern on Ravelry. Since I’m knitting quite a few baby hats at the moment, I thought I’d work my way through a couple of simple patterns for variety’s sake.

Coen's pixie hat (modeled by Ezekiel).

I think this one is pretty darn cute, although only marginally big enough — Ezekiel, my kind and sleeping model, is about seven weeks older than Coen. Which is why I’m going to send it, like, tomorrow.

Aww. I’m feeling that baby envy again, which is another reason why it’s good that I’m pregnant.

The reason I wanted to try it on a real live baby is that, when I finished the hat, it didn’t automatically look that cute. See? I also wasn’t confident at all about the size. I started casting off where you see that faint line near the back and then decided it looked too short. Turned out to be a good decision, as it’s only marginally deep enough as-is.

Some other project notes: I cast on 84 stitches of Rowan 4 Ply Soft, which felt lovely on the skein and got great reviews on Ravelry but about which I wasn’t that crazy. For some reason, I found it really easy to both drop stitches and to pick up a stitch by accident because of the ply. I used size 2 bamboo dpns, but when I use the yarn again I will switch to size 3s in metal. I love bamboo needles, but I think they encourage me to knit very tightly. The yarn looks lovely in the end, though. Great stitch definition and a bit of sheen. Which is a good thing, because it was on sale and I still have 1.5 skeins to do something with…


4 thoughts on “A hat for Coen.

  1. Very cute. Love the pattern. and wow. That is a CUTE baby. I have baby envy too! Also, I wish I lived in Florida right now. we have a blizzard (boo) and about 3 feet of snow.

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