Camilla’s valentines.

This was supposed to go up yesterday, mostly as a thank-you to the kind grandmas who contributed heart bracelets, stickers, ice cream gift certificates, and various other ingredients necessary for a very special and happy Valentine’s Day. But so much fun meant that Camilla didn’t nap much, so I just didn’t manage.

Working on her valentines.

I realized recently that there’s no reason why Camilla can’t start “making” things to give away. So we pulled out the markers (very messy, not shown) and decorated some paper.

And then mama cut it out and assembled some valentines, and she got to put stickers on top.

More stickers, please!

Stickers are all kinds of fun (she is asking for “moah! moah!”).

New bracelets.

So, incidentally, are heart-shaped bracelets, now known as “brace-ees.”


Taking them off and putting them on has provided a lot of good entertainment.

But back to the valentines. For some reason, the washable markers don’t come in the best colors and daddy’s valentine ended up looking a little, um, violent.

But a great deal of puppy stickers helped to soften the effect.

We made one more for a friend that got Snoopies.

She was quite please with the final results, and so was I.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

(For fun, compare this post to the one from a year ago. Eeee, how my child has grown.)


4 thoughts on “Camilla’s valentines.

  1. Ohhh Paula, these are precious! Camilla looks like a busy, engaged little artist. So focused on her Valentines. Really loved this post. Thanks so much. Love, Mom G.

  2. You’re right–a year is huge, but the smile is still the same but with teeth! I forgot how Camilla used to purse her little lips and make that “ooo” sound. I’m so glad you’re willing to take the time to post. Your photos constantly amaze me. I’m thrilled she liked the bracees!

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