Pretty practical.

I find it almost impossible not to accumulate a stash of pretty fabric. Every once in a while I go through and purge the vintage fabrics of uncertain fiber content, the one-off pieces found on sale. But I usually have a very full shelf in my hall closet that includes everything from wool to muslin to quilting fabric. And there it sits, looking at me plaintively whenever I open the door.

Part of the problem is that many of the pieces were purchased for projects that never came to pass. Oh, but that’s for Camilla’s Thanksgiving dress! I’ll think, despite repeated evidence that Thanksgiving never seems to be a very good time for sewing dresses. It’s taken me a while to learn that (a) I shouldn’t buy fabric unless it’s for a project that’s going to happen right away and (b) when I do feel the urge to sew, I should shop my closet first. Often, it’s a pleasant surprise.

On Sunday night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I ran through my litany of future knitting projects and thought, You know, you should whip yourself up a cute little holder for your loose knitting needles. And since that thought didn’t put me to sleep, I ran through the logistics and got a pretty fair idea of what I wanted plus some rules: I must be able to finish it in one day (so I don’t get too behind on the actual knitting!) and I must use fabric from my stash. Yesterday involved 1.5 reasonable naps, so this is what I came up with.

My new knitting needle holder.

It looks a little lumpier than it was in my Sunday-night imagination, but it does the job.

I’ve got a slot for sizes 1 through 10.5 and crochet hooks on the end. Eventually I might get motivated to embroider the size numbers, but probably not. My knitting needle stash isn’t that big yet, but I know it’s going to get bigger and how’s this for some motivation to buy more needles?

The pattern is modeled on a bamboo brush holder of which I am very fond, but with the added feature of a top flap that you can velcro closed to keep everything from falling out.

I always wished that the brush-holder people had thought of that.

Oops...goofed on the top flap.

Now, I did goof on the top flap: the polka dots are supposed to show on the outside, not the muslin. But since I didn’t discover this until I had I had turned the whole thing right-side out and it was 9:00 pm and I was keeping the rules in mind, I just left it.

Given that I got this project to an acceptable state of completion, fixed Baby’s dress, and half-sewed two diaper holders, I felt like I could call it a day.

Next up — new adventures in knitting (or: why I love books on tape)


7 thoughts on “Pretty practical.

  1. You are just a sewing monster at the moment aren’t you? This is so cute and reminds me of little crayon holders I’ve always thought about making instead of keeping them in the ziplock baggies that always tear apart just like the cardboard box they came in :-)

  2. I love it. I’ve got two of them, and more needles than can fit into them. I wish I had the patience to keep my needles in there. The sad fact is, with me, and how much knitting I do, I end up just tossing them in a cup. At least it is a cute cup.

  3. Hi Paula,

    A few years ago you painted a picture of a cat for me to give to a family member…I am wondering if you’d at all be interested in doing another pet painting, or can suggest someone else who might be able to do it?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I love it paula. I have been meaning to make one for my crochet hooks for a very long time. Everytime I have to hunt down a crochet hook from messy drawer in my desk I vow I’ll make a holder and then never do.

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