A dress for Baby.

I should clarify here at the beginning that Baby is Camilla’s doll, not her little sister. Almost anything that has vaguely human features and is between the ages of unborn and 30 is currently referred to as “baby,” even though she can also say “boy” and “girl.”

Baby is a plastic Fisher-Price doll that was graciously given to us by Camilla’s grandparents for her first birthday. She has been the object of much interest lately and gets a ride around the house several times a day in the miniature stroller I found at the Goodwill (possibly the best use of $3 I have ever made).

Now, the only problem with Baby is that she came scantily clad since she was specifically intended to be for bath time. I’m sure that this, like so many other parenting scruples, will eventually fall by the wayside, but I just don’t like naked dolls. And since Baby came with only booties, a towel, and a diaper, that’s how she inevitably ended up.

I temporarily solved the problem with an oversized pink clownsuit that I picked up for 25 cents at a yard sale, but since Baby has become popular to the point where we now take her out in public I decided that she had earned a classier set of clothing.

Baby's new dress.

So I made her this reversible dress and diaper set.

Baby's new diaper.

I ran up against a few problems along the way. First and foremost was the lack of pattern, which meant that I spent an hour tracing shapes on paper, cutting them out, holding them up to her, muttering, and tracing some more. Then, once I had finally made myself a nice pattern for a close-fitting dress, cut the fabric, and started sewing, I realized that I had overlooked two major problems: Baby has an absolutely enormous head, and her arms aren’t flexible. Gahh. No matter how I tried, that cute little bodice just wouldn’t go on. So I extended the slit at the back to the point where I can just squeak it on, and now it looks like this. :(

I intend to fix the problem by adding another velcro tab when I pull out the sewing machine next, but so far Camilla hasn’t complained. (It’s hard to tell, but I also had a problem with the flowered fabric being much thinner and stretchier than the polka dot quilting fabric on the other side. Mysteriously, the flowered side now has a bit of ruching around the waist. Oops.)

Because it’s really too chilly for a sleeveless dress right now, even in Florida, I also had pity on Baby and knit her a hat.

Baby's new hat.

I have a mini sweater half-finished on my needles, and I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week. It’s my first sweater and will hopefully be a big confidence-booster since I’ve never done something so complicated from a pattern. But now that I’m starting to knit sweaters, I am terribly excited about the possibilities for non-plastic Babies #1 and #2, who obviously need their mother to knit them something even more than this Baby does. But I thought I’d practice on her first.


7 thoughts on “A dress for Baby.

  1. Nicely done! And that is a really cute hat. I love the yarn, too. And of course, the outfit! How clever you are to make a reversible outfit. I can not sew to save my life!

  2. Now I know why my doll clothes had snaps at the neck and were open down the back! I thought it was to show off the matching panties, which I found embarrassing. lol. Lovely work. You might possibly have gotten a pattern book for doll clothes at the library. I just love Camilla. She is such a cutie. Enjoy every day. They seem to pass so quickly.

  3. Oh. just one more thing–I was looking at Reborn dolls on eBay, and I was interested to find that you take something like a knit pick and insert hair into their little vinyl heads! I have not checked closely on that, it might be the thing you use to stab wool roving into fabric as a design. I got a doll (with a problem) and I can hardly wait to try that. I used to hate doll’s wigs coming unglued when I would soak the dolls… Guess I was a brat. But it seemed that the dolls had the ugliest hair! I have a handful of hair from when I was about 7 years old and I would love to stick that into some doll’s bare head.

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