I got to hold two babies at once last weekend.

The fresh baby on the right is my new niece Annie. The one on the left is my own little gremlin.

My brother Tim kindly took the photos, and it appears that something was a little off with the white balance. Oops. But nothing can hide that kind of cuteness.

Holding Camilla and my new niece Annie.

I love being an auntie.

I also love the fact that our baby will not be born for five more months. I have lots of new respect for women who have babies 18 months apart (or less). I am tired and a tad grouchy because Camilla has suddenly stopped sleeping through the night and taking a second nap, but that’s nothing compared to the kind of sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn.

I should also mention that Camilla loves to say “Tim,” “Hilly,” and “Ah-nnie.” Sorry Marian, Jacob, and Ransom…your names are just too hard.


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