Are great.

I always know that in my head, but each time we’re around them in person this knowledge goes to a whole new level. I can think of few things that are more satisfying than watching my child play happily with her grandparents and seeing the delight they take in each other.

We were blessed with a wonderful visit from my folks last weekend and might get to see them again one more time before they fly out. Mom & dad live in Washington state but are in the area for a very well-timed conference and the birth of my new niece Annie Christine. We’re hoping to drive down the beach to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and parents next Sunday, so maybe I’ll have some fresh baby photos afterward.

I didn’t document the whole weekend, but here are some snapshots of one happy, lazy afternoon at home. Camilla was kept extremely amused by…

Bouncing with grandma.

…bouncing with grandma.

…kissing with grandma.

Kisses with grandma.

…playing Duplos with grandma.

Duplos with grandma.

…playing peekaboo with grandpa.

Fun with grandpa.

(and grandma)

…playing dress-up with grandma.

Dress-up with grandma.

…playing boat (=basket) with grandma.

Boating with grandma.

…playing dollies with grandma.

Dollies with grandma.

…and just reveling in the general happy chaos.

(Note my father’s amazing ability to get stuff done in any circumstance.)

As you might guess, we were all sad and a little mopey when they left. I had to remind my selfish self several times that taking care of a family with a newborn is a very worthy cause, and I will be more than happy to have mom do the same for us in June. But I will just go ahead and state for the record that it would be very nice to live several thousand miles closer to both sets of grandparents.

I didn’t have long to mope because this week is c-r-a-z-y busy and I constantly think it’s one or two days farther along than it is (it’s not Thursday yet, right?). Isn’t it annoying when that happens? Thursday is a big day because I have an ultrasound in the morning. I will warn you in advance that, if we can find out the baby’s gender, husband wants us to keep it a secret this time around. My lips are sealed. Some friends have already told us that they don’t think we’ll be able to keep a lid on the news, but we’ll see. We can be pretty determined when we want to be. :)


2 thoughts on “Grandparents.

  1. You are going to find out gender and not tell us??? That is even more serious than choosing a name well in advance & letting people know you chose a name, but not telling the name (otherwise known as pulling a Myron & Lori)!

    I have noticed your dads ability to be at family get-togethers and be immersed in a book or project as well :)

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