A momentous discovery.

I took a bunch of photos yesterday morning but the rest will have to wait because I need to scurry around the apartment one last time before my parents visit today (hooray!). They’re staying for the whole weekend, which is just lovely. We are all waiting for my poor overdue sister-in-law to have her baby any day now…I think she’s at least a week late. But everyone will be nicely distracted for a few days by the excitement of having Grandma and Grandpa (otherwise knows as “popop” and, um, “popop”) to play with.

I hope your weekend is filled with fun things too.

An important discovery.

[Breaking news! I just got off the phone with mom and Hilary is in labor. New niece, coming soon!]


4 thoughts on “A momentous discovery.

  1. I haven’t been out and about much lately so it was fun to see that you are expecting #2 and how darling little Camilla is. I absolutely LOVED LOVED your post I think Nov. 3rd all about nausea. I think that was the most well written treatise on the subject I’ve ever read. Seriously, i always am so full of gratitude at that stage, but also really really miserable and I’m eager so share my miserableness with anyone who will listen, but again I’m really thankful. You explained that so well. :) Blessings. Sarah

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