18 weeks.

Almost halfway there!

17 weeks.

[Okay, that’s being a bit optimistic, especially since Camilla was 10 days late and I don’t have any reason to believe that this baby will want to vacate the premises any faster. But “half-way” sounds so much nicer than “due in June,” which had might as well be September at this point.]

The photo really doesn’t do justice to the size of my belly, which is quite a bit larger than the last time around. I think it all depends on what shirt I wear: flowy shirts make me feel like a hippopotamus already, while tight ones allow people to wonder if I’m just overly fond of beer. But I think I’m really close to the bystanders-can-safely-assume-I’m-pregnant stage, which is nice for all involved.

So far, the second trimester has been a great improvement on the first. I feel pretty decent, except in the evenings when food doesn’t taste very good and sleep is not my friend. Early mornings are also not that great: I could have slept three whole hours longer yesterday if only my body had been more cooperative. (And please, no comments about “getting ready for a newborn!” That is one of the least helpful things to tell a pregnant woman who can’t sleep.) I had ridiculous headaches for a while, but my midwife told me to start chugging a gallon of water a day and it has really helped. So I thought I would pass that bit of free advice along to other pregnant women with chronic daily headaches. I have found that I can’t just keep a cup count, either…I have to fill up a gallon jug and make it my daily mission to drink it all. Yes, the bathroom and I are still good friends.

I’ve recovered enough energy to make a list of household projects that I would like to complete in the next few months:

– hem Camilla’s curtain (we got a toddler bed and had to move some furniture around)
– sew two waterproof covers for the toddler bed (the Ikea ones are a weird extra-long size)
– sew some clothes for Baby, Camilla’s doll, who is currently wearing a weird clown suit
– possibly try to knit Baby a hat and sweater as well
– sew some new slipcovers for the decorative pillows in the living room
– finish the sofa slipcover

Notice that the energy has extended to making the list, but not completing anything on it yet. I’m trying to start with the quick + easy stuff and work my way down to the more complicated things, like the giant unfinished slipcover that haunts my dreams. I finished all the basic seams on the six cushion covers, but they still need to be serged and topstitched. And then I need to make a pattern for the body of the sofa, buy yards and yards more fabric, and get to work on that. I think I need more energy first. I also need to summon the enthusiasm to have my kitchen table covered with sewing supplies for a couple of weeks — I have to admit that it’s been very nice to have it cleared off for so long. Makes the whole apartment feel cleaner, even if it’s not.

The other sewing deterrent is that I’ve been spending a lot of naptimes doing meal prep. Now that I feel like eating again (tra la la), I’ve spent a lot of time looking for new and intriguing recipes. I don’t know how I could have forgotten so quickly, but it turns out that cooking nice-ish meals takes up a lot of time. Recent dinners have included homemade beef stew, creamy vegetable soup, beef pot pie, chicken pot pie, swimming rama, smoked fish chowder, and a pretty amazing hazelnut and Strega torte (oh, I guess that wasn’t for dinner). For someone who didn’t cook for three months, that’s a lot. I need to work a little on my timing — if we eat after 5:30, whatever I’ve been laboring over doesn’t taste all that great — but in general we are well-fed and happy around here. And since husband seems to prefer that to a new sofa slipcover, I guess we’ll just putter along as we have been for a while.


3 thoughts on “18 weeks.

  1. I *LOVE* that you are blogging again and am having so much fun reading all of your posts! I also agree that you are looking very cute, thanks for posting a picture! :)

  2. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I checked your blog. Last time I looked at pictures of Camilla, she was a baby. Now she’s a little girl! So adorable! What I would give for that skin. You are also looking great – yeah, halfway there! She is my favorite age – 18-36 months where language is exploding and she’s learning new things every day. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Tell Josh I said “hello” and I hope to see you all sometime this summer.

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