Morning games.

Camilla plays the most happily during the stretch of morning in between dropping daddy off at school and her first nap. Coincidentally, our living room also has very nice sunshine at that time.

A few days ago, the object of her morning game was to hold all of her bathtime toys at once.

Trying to hold them all at once.

That morning, she managed four.

Although they would keep dropping the moment she tried to walk.

The next morning, I let her cheat a little and gave her a bag to put them in.

Although briefly distracted by the camera…

…the new and improved version was a great success.

All games, however, get interrupted from time to time for a little xylophone solo.

Now for a little xylaphone solo.

We also pulled out the duplos.

She’s pretty good a pulling them apart and putting them together all by herself, but every once in a while one gets stuck.

Help, mamba. These are stuck.

She recently discovered that she can pop the little ones on the ends of her fingers.

Oh, and that mama’s castles are good for kneeling on.

Why not sit on it?

Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

She sometimes helps pick up afterward,

but usually gets distracted before the job is done.

On to something else.

(You can’t tell, but she is vigorously rocking her baby doll.)

Rocking her baby.

My beautiful girl.


5 thoughts on “Morning games.

  1. Thanks, everybody. The sweater is from Hanna Andersson (I lucked out and got a great deal). When you’re in Florida, you can get by with a winter sweater instead of a winter coat. :)

    Becka, I keep wanting to comment on your blog — I loved Ellie’s birthday party! — but if I forget to log into wordpress first I lose my comment and never make it back again. Anyway, Camilla loves looking at photos of her second(?) cousin-babies, and so do I.

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