Where we are now.

I’ve always wished that I was as good as my sister Marian at making note of my baby’s progress. At the end of most months, she writes down what sorts of things her son Ransom into, what new skills he’s developed, what words he says, that sort of thing. Seeing as I am an absolute failure at keeping a diary, this blog is pretty much the only record I have of Camilla’s activities.

Uh oh.

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions because (for me, at least) that always guarantees failure. But I do hope to start writing down more about Camilla’s life because I think it will come in really handy when the next baby comes along and because she just might enjoy reading it when she’s older. I should also note that I do this in a spirit of recording fun memories, not my-baby-could-walk-faster-than-yours (because I’m sure she couldn’t) or oh-no-she-doesn’t-say-sentences-yet (because I really think it’s best to let her develop at her own pace and not push her to meet certain “milestones”). Better late than never, right?

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that this sort of entry might be the death knell for any pretense that this is an artsy-craftsy blog and not just a plain ol’ baby blog. But to be honest, I almost never read any craft blogs anymore while I do check friends’ and family’s blogs to see what they are up to. Camilla is obsessed with looking at photos of babies on the computer. And who knows? Maybe your kid is too. Happy to oblige.

18.5 months.

Camilla at 18.5 months is:

– Still somewhere between 20 and 21 pounds. Husband and I are both tall and not that skinny and I have no idea how we produced such a puny kid. She has a great big round tummy and little skinny hips, so her pants are constantly falling off if I get her the “proper” size. She’s currently in 12 mo jeans, but they are getting too short and the rise isn’t long enough so I see a lot of diaper at the top. Anyone know where to get simple, non-embroidered jeans with an adjustable waistband? I think that’s what we need.

– Completely despairing to me when it comes to her hair. What to do with it? It’s thick in the back, thin on the sides, and ridiculously fine. It looks scraggly if she goes more than a day without a bath, but who wants to bathe a mostly clean kid every night? I’ve been trying to trim it myself into a cute little schoolgirl bob, but  I think I need professional assistance soon since I make the silliest mistakes when left to my own devices. Oh, and have I mentioned how fast her bangs grow? Almost as fast as her fingernails, but that’s another story.

– Very, very active and inquisitive. “She’s into everything” is not really an overstatement. It’s exciting to see her cognitive abilities grow so quickly, but it also means that I need to provide more interesting and demanding activities to keep her busy. We got some super Christmas gifts from her grandparents, and her favorite toys at the moment are (1) her wood play kitchen, complete with lots of dishes, cups, and cutlery and (2) her set of duplos. I am really proud of her progress with the duplos. When we started playing with them at Christmas time she went mostly for the animals and people and ignored the blocks. But within the last week, she has figured out how to stick the blocks together and pull them apart and will spend 10 or 15 minutes sitting quietly and playing with them. Those minutes are pure gold, people.

– Showing some artistic tendencies that thrill me to death. We’ve been practicing with crayons for the last couple of months, but they inevitably end up in the mouth. She’s been a lot better about that recently, though, and I occasionally get some nice scribbly drawings. She loves stickers and is very good at applying them, although she can’t pull them off the sheet by herself yet.

– Trying out lots of new words. She’s said a few words consistently for the past 5 or 6 months (mama, dah, baby, bye bye) along with a few that were around for a week or two and then disappeared (blue, dog, car, cup). We would try to teach her new words but she’d only repeat them if they were really simple and–I think–she was sure of success. But all of the sudden her vocabulary just exploded and she tries to repeat almost any word you ask her to. They’re still a little garbled, true, but I am so proud of her for trying. Turtle, apple, pear, girl, and lots of animal noises are currently popular. Thank you (“heshew!) is very frequent and please (“bee!”) comes out occasionally, but I’d like to hear that one a lot more.

-An incredibly picky eater. I don’t know what we did wrong. I introduced lots of new foods early on, made her try a little of everything, and what did I end up with? A kid who only wants to eat bread. She’s starting to drink milk (“moo”), which is great since she weaned herself a few weeks ago. But she doesn’t like cheese, meat, most vegetables, or anything unfamiliar. We give her vitamins, she’s growing okay, and the doctor’s not worried, so I guess I shouldn’t be either. But really, what kind of toddler won’t eat cheese?

– Still taking two naps. Yup. You can guess how I feel about that.

These are a few photos I took of this week’s favorite activity, trying to insert the key into our cd cabinets. The day that I took these photos she worked unsuccessfully for about 20 minutes to get the key into the lock. On day #2, she could get the key in and out. On day #3, she could twist it to open the cabinet door. That’s the kind of progress we’re seeing around here these days.

Her new challenge: getting the key in the lock.


8 thoughts on “Where we are now.

  1. Enjoyed your post so much! Very fun. Years ago a friend told me about an article on tongues. It said there are 3 kinds in people – the average tongue, the kind that tastes things normal people can’t, and the kind that can not taste what average people can. #2 & 3 are not common. I don’t think it’s a matter of you and Josh doing anything wrong, I think she’s like Esther was, a #2 type. She eats everything now. But, when your tongue can pick up flavors most others can’t then it only makes sense, to me, that a person would be more selective. Hot dogs were one of Esther’s top choices. Yep. Maybe it’s all in the genes?? Loved the pictures. So cute.

  2. No problem at all with a baby blog – I separated my baby stuff onto a separate blog and I’m still not sure why I left myself with two blogs to update. But I think it’s fun to look back and track your stages of life, whether there’s time for art or not.

  3. Her small size makes me think of Serena Pook (who is also, or was last time I asked, quite a picky eater too).
    Jeans: have you tried the legging style? You can fold the cuffs until she grows into them more… Or Addie has a pair of stretchy Levis with adjustable waist that I love but the smallest is a size 2…

  4. Thanks, ladies…y’all are so kind.

    Mom, I still think that the big problem is texture and not taste. She will eat spicy things if they come in the right format, but she just doesn’t like strange lumps. Hot dogs did not go over that well, unfortunately — I was thinking that she’d like them and get some extra protein!

    Leah, she wears leggings a lot already so I was trying to branch out into “real” pants. But maybe we will go back…

  5. Your last photo sequence is priceless! I’m proud of you for sitting down and thinking through Camilla’s major changes and achievements, especially when nausea makes it hard to concentrate. You’re right–the photos I have of you kids become even more important as you have your own children! As Menelaos said to Helen when he met Telemachos, “I think I never saw such a likeness” to great-hearted Odysseus. It’s still true: children resemble their parents. Thanks for taking the time, honey!

  6. Oh I hear so much of Ellie in this post! Ellie, too, is pretty picky. She WILL NOT try new things no matter what (or how often) I put in front of her. Just tried putting some lasagna on her tray tonight and she FREAKED out! Cried and cried until I got it away from her. She tried pushing it away and got some on her hands and was freaking out because she couldn’t get it off her hands. Oh my – she must get the drama queen from the Marston side :). She is also very lean! Not quite 18 pounds at 14 months (but I don’t think it has anything to do with her picky eating – since she eats A LOT of the things she likes). We have a couple pairs of plain jeans from Old Navy that have adjustable waistbands, but I haven’t seen a lot of them lately. They also have skinny jeans right now that fit Ellie a lot better than regular jeans in the same size.

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