A big little announcement.

Facebook and school friends found out about this today, so why should blog friends be left behind?

I recently learned that I am working on new long-term project. It is rather small at the moment (the size of a poppyseed, to be exact) but I expect it to weigh 7 or 8 pounds come the end of June.

(I should also mention that I don’t really go in for “it,” but it will be a while before I can say “he” or “she.”)

Husband and I are beside-ourselves-happy and Camilla is, well, probably a little confused.

I guess it’s only fitting that her favorite word is baby.


6 thoughts on “A big little announcement.

  1. I am beyond excited for you guys! And Camilla is going to be an awesome big sister…and I am more than a little curious what this wee one’s name will be :-)

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