So, Camilla and I got our hairs cut on Saturday. Mine is back to short & sweet, while hers was just a bang trim. That child’s hair confounds and frustrates me to no end. It grows and grows, and yet it cannot seem to grow out of the unfortunate cut I gave her last June. I trimmed up the back a few weeks ago (can’t really see it in the pics, but it looks much better now). However, her bangs were in her eyes so something had to be done about that as well. The only logical thing was to cut them, but now they look terrible again. I think her face is just not make for short bangs. In the future, I guess I will try to just trim half a centimeter or so and plan on more frequent maintenance. Sigh.

(Sorry ’bout the photos. We took these this morning before church and for some reason my white balance got all messed up. So then I tried to go for a cool vintage photo effect but now I think it just looks kind of dumb. Au naturel is best, I guess.)

Note what a studious little book lover she is becoming. I broke out the Little Golden Books a few weeks back and they have been in hot demand ever since. Baby Animals, Baby Farm Animals, Bunnies’ ABC, and The Animals of Farmer Jones are the current favorites. She is such an animal lover — we find it completely fitting that one of her names is Frances. :)


8 thoughts on “Haircuts.

  1. Addie has the book “Farm Tales” which is a compilation of 9 golden books about farms/animals. Addie loves the Animals of Farmer Jones,among others.

  2. These pictures are WONDERFUL!! Absolutely love them – especially the 3rd and 4th ones! It’s so much fun to get up in the morning and see new shots. Thanks for posting them. =)

  3. I happen to like your processing, but my tastes do run toward the punchy/edgy/wierd post-processing effects ;)
    Have you tried Photoshop’s RAW processor. You can edit JPEGS in it and it’s pretty easy to correct WB using the sliders.

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