Because I’m greedy.

So, my friend Ali is an incredible knitter (knitress?) and a far better blogger than I am. She knits these incredible little animals all the time and gives them away. I already won something she made…this little sheep.

But now she has made a gorgeous green baby sweater and I want it too. And I get an extra chance to win by posting a link on my blog.

So now you know how greedy I am.

After the flurry of picture-taking activity in the last few weeks I’ve set my camera down for a while to concentrate on a few projects around the home. After staring at my brown sofa and willing it to change color for two years now — to no avail, I might add — I have decided to sew a slipcover. The sofa has six cushions and a frame, so this is going to be a bit complicated. Fortunately, I decided to make some test versions first so I figured out last night that my original cushion cover idea didn’t work at all. I think husband was waiting for me to get upset after I wrestled the cover onto the pillow, but to be honest I was so relieved that I hadn’t cut into my “real” fabric that I was quite satisfied with Cushion 1.0. Cushion 2.0 will hopefully be finished this evening and we’ll how it goes on.

The final fabric is some thick unbleached cotton that I picked up with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s. I really need to stick with neutrals right now since I change my mind about color so much. I might get tired of green, but white or cream always works for me. Plus, you know how practical it is with a toddler in the house. :)


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