Some downtown photos.

Some of you might remember that my friend Natalie Zepp and I sometimes go on a friendly little photo outing with our babies. She recently got a drool-worthy lens, so we took Isla and Camilla to historic downtown Pensacola and had some fun. Most photos are by Natalie, editing is by me. Enjoy!

Photoshoot in downtown Pensacola.

Here, have a seed pod.

Camilla at 14.5 months.

(At this point we were way past naptime and I was reduced to bribing Camilla with doughnut. That should help you to interpret some of her funny expressions.)


7 thoughts on “Some downtown photos.

  1. These photos are fantastic! Makes my heart tighten–wish so much that I could take a few of my own–in person! Please thank Natalie for me, but Marian reminded me that the editing may be even more important…your sister knows! Much love, mum

  2. You look exactly like your Mother in photo #2…or at least you look like all the photos of you Mother that I’ve seen :-) Photos #5, 6, and 7 should be some kind of story board on the walls of the sweet one’s room. And #10 should for sure be on a wall somewhere.

    You know, in my opinion ;-)

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