Finger puppet fun.

My baby is and always has been an early riser. From age 0 to 6 months, the only bit of consistency in her sleep schedule was that she always woke up at 4:30 am. Unfortunately, you don’t really feel like reading a book at 4:30 and there’s not much on the telly besides MTV — that’s when they actually play music videos — and Angel reruns. (Now, whenever I see David Boreanaz’s face or hear Fire Burning on the Dance Floor I think of those days. Sad, but true.) As you can imagine, I was pretty happy when her wake up time moved all the way up to 5:15. I bring her into bed to nurse and cuddle for 30 minutes or so and then she rolls over and is ready to go. She walks straight from the bed to her basket of toys in the living room and starts pulling things out.

These photos were taken a little later in the morning, but she’s showing the same level of toy enthusiasm.

Morning play time.

This time she chanced upon a set of keys. Keys make for very good entertainment, until you put them in your mouth and mommy takes them away.

Anyhow, what I really wanted to show you is the latest and greatest set of toys that we have started playing with.

Many months ago, Miranda sent me an incredibly awesome set of finger puppets. They weren’t initially that exciting to the babe, however, so I kept them in the closet in a ziploc bag.

Getting the puppets out of the bag.

A few days ago, Camilla found the bag* and has been playing with them steadily ever since.

*Obviously, I do not allow my child to play unattended with plastic bags. However, opening a ziploc is a good 5 minutes of supervised entertainment so we let it happen every once in a while.

The puppet lineup.

These are a couple of the puppets we have. I don’t know of you can tell, but they are handknit and have an incredible level of detail.

I'll take those.

I found a tag inside one and looked them up and it turns out that you can buy them from a website called Lucuma. The finger puppets are only $3.50 each, which strikes me as a somewhat suspiciously good deal, given how complicated they are. But however the price is set, you should check them out. They have an incredible array of people and animals, and they also come in cotton, organic cotton, and alpaca versions.

Given their current level of popularity, I think we might need to invest in a few more.

Plucking them off one by one.

I consider it planning for the day when our collection starts to get lost, as is bound to happen with small & beloved objects.

I should also mention that, despite being a mere 14.5 months of age, my genius child has already deduced that the puppets are meant to go on your finger.

I know it goes on my finger somehow...

If her wee ones were but a bit longer, I’m sure she’d have it down.

(Sorry for the shameless product plug, but I know of a few other babies who are into puppets and thought their mamas might like to know about Lucuma.)


3 thoughts on “Finger puppet fun.

  1. Camilla is looking like a little girl – no longer a baby. Such a cutie! I looked at the poufs/ottomans at that web site. That “yarn” was as fat as a carrot – or a hot dog(?) – crazy! What an interesting idea! My dad used to knit – he would make afghans using 1″ knitting needles – they would be all lacey. I’m working on crochet gift bags – Marsha got me into the crochet mood. I think I’ll make some red and green ones to put in little Christmas gifts. Hope all is well. Love the living room! And that clock – cute!

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