Living room WIP.

[I know that two posts in a day is a lot for me, but I have all these photos that have been stockpiling and I just haven’t had time to put them up. So, I’m going to take this chance to catch up…]

I had one of my biannual (triannual?) urges to rearrange the living room last week. It was prompted by the realization that we needed to form some sort of home office in the bedroom so husband can work at home. Desk + living room x active one-year-old = poor studying environment. So, I added the desk to the bookshelf already cramming our bedroom wall and freed up a lot of nice space in the living room. My feng shui is undoubtedly all off, so it’s a good thing I don’t pay any attention to that sort of thing.

As it turns out, our living room has been through a number of variations already in the 1.5 years since we’ve lived here. This is an early version when we still had the desk and both bookshelves in the room (I think there was one even earlier than this, but I can’t find the photos).

Probably should have emptied the waste basket!

The pillow cases have got to go...

New apartment arrangement.

Later I swapped out the white curtain for my favorite Anthropologie duvet-cover-turned-curtains which you can see a bit in the photo below.

It was a decent arrangement, but as soon as Camilla started to show a great interest in books we decided to not fight that particular battle and moved them all into the bedroom. Josh also got me a new rug for my birthday, so I re-did the color scheme with a sort of dusty blue, green, and brown and swapped things around to look like this.

Paper garlands in the living room.

(Except for the garlands and extra chairs, which were there for Camilla’s party.)

The on-time guests...

(The wall sticker clock, fyi, was from Target but I’m not sure if they have it anymore. It is single-use, which meant that I have to work any new furniture arrangement around it or pull the whole thing down.)

Moving on up to the present, once I moved the desk into the bedroom I was able to put the bookshelf in its place.

That gave me enough room to scoot the couch against the wall, which opens up the window and — I think — the whole room.

New living room arrangement.

It gets really lovely light in the morning, and I like seeing the full length of the curtains.

Plus, I had a whole big wall to use for art!

The wall is still a bit of a work-in-progress, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. Especially since everything comes from the stash of unfinished projects in the own cupboards and I didn’t buy one single new thing.

The wall of frames.

I’ll post some close-ups sometime so you can get a better look. :) In the meantime, here is the current status of the room:

Recently finished projects:

– Move furniture
– Install permanent baby gate between living room and kitchen (should have done that a long time ago)
– Fill all the frames on the wall

Unfinished projects:

– Overdye the curtains (maybe no one can tell but me, but the green is a little too blue)
– Spray paint the coat hook white (I don’t like the brown, but I couldn’t find a white one)
– Finish knitting an ottoman cover (inspired by these)
– Find/paint two white side tables for the sides of the sofa
– Buy a new paper lantern to replace the one damaged in a tragic fly-swatting incident
– To be honest, I really really wish the sofa was white and sometimes contemplate sewing a slipcover. But the sheer amount of work involved always intimidates me. So it will stay brown (with maybe a white throw?) for now.

Once nice thing about the new arrangement is that it eliminated the need for a bunch of little things that I had been looking for to make the previous space work better. Hah hah! I feel like I’ve saved money already. Now, on to spend it on something else…


2 thoughts on “Living room WIP.

  1. Oh, I really like the changes! Really love the colors. And, boy do I have a thing for paper lanterns right now…there are some pretty nifty ones at World Market. Some golden and happy child free day you and I will have to go there and just wander around. Not that I don’t love my kiddos and don’t want to be with them…but WM is not the kind of store I want to go into with them in tow.
    (That just sounds bad so I’m just going to stop now.)
    Really like the lay out in the living room :-)

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