A day at the beach.

Last weekend we finally took Camilla to the beach. We tried once last summer but she was so hot and miserable and screamy that it dampened our enthusiasm for a long time. However, the weather over Labor Day weekend was so drop-dead gorgeous that we couldn’t resist the lure of the water.

We started out with a nice little picnic in Navarre.

The plum-eating face.

And what kind of late summer picnic would it be without plums?


Especially the kind that smoosh all over your face and drip down your chin.

They make us sooooo happy.

And juicy.

Everyone got juicy.

Afterward, we went swinging for a little while.

Swinging by the beach.

And then: to the beach!

At Navarre Beach.

The water did have a lot of little algae bits in it, but I couldn’t see any signs of oil. And really, algae is about as neutral as it gets when it comes to weird things that float in the ocean.

You could almost see stripes in the water that day — the blue is the deeper part and the green is shallow.

Now, at this point you will probably wonder why husband and child aren’t wearing proper swimming clothes. The truth of the matter is that we had only intended to wade along the shore. But the water was so lovely that we just couldn’t stay out.

So we went in.

Splashed by daddy.

Camilla thought it was pretty great.

We took her out of the pack and let her walk on the sand a bit, but she wasn’t a big fan (= crying).

Taking a dip.

Bobbing around in the water was pretty nice, though. Kind of like a big sparkly blue bath.

Next time, I can see that we will need to all wear swimsuits.

Warm, warm water,

Now, this is the requisite handheld family-at-the-beach photo. Because of the glare, I didn’t realize that it’s a bit unflattering to each and every one of us. But it’s the only one I took, so here it is.

Beach, we will be back.


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