Yogurt for lunch.

Camilla and I eat a big bowl of yogurt together almost every day.

This tradition has become quite popular. Today, when she was getting cranky in the nursery, I said that it was time for some yogurt and started walking toward the kitchen. She immediately perked up, said “Oyur!”, and came toddling after me. (I haven’t heard this word again since, but I was quite pleased.)

Yogurt for lunch.

Since it was raining and yucky outside and we needed something special, I decided to let her try to serve herself for once.

Using the spoon all by herself.

She did a pretty good job, in the 15 seconds before she realized that just dipping her fingers into the bowl was a lot faster.

But...fingers are faster.

And more fun.

She gave the spoon another shot.

But fingers won in the end.

(I compare the expressions here and here, and it’s amazing to see how much she’s grown.)


(As you can see, I am trying to learn to love my flash. This last week has been full of rain and grey skies and the light just isn’t any good for photos. But I feel as though Camilla’s cuteness can shine through, even if the artistry is lacking.)


4 thoughts on “Yogurt for lunch.

  1. Camilla is for sure a cutie…but your artistry is not lacking even with a flash…no red eye and only one had any kind of shadow :-)
    I love this post :-)

  2. How sweet. Her hair seems to have grown alot since we saw her last! We love yogurt at our house, too, but maybe not as much as Camilla likes it.

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