She had a birthday party.

The theme was Circles + Dots.

Camilla's birthday invitation

I tried not to go too overboard, but when you’ve been waiting, like, your whole life to do this and you only have one (napping) baby to worry about it’s pretty easy to decorate.

The food table.

I re-used some of those circle garlands, made some new ones, and borrowed a few paper lanterns. Total cost for the decor was about $10 worth of paper and thread.

Camilla's first birthday decorations.

The big garland thingy on the wall has a photo for every month of her sweet little life. I love looking down the row to see how she’s grown.

A circle for every month of her life.

I tried to serve round food as well, as long as it wasn’t too goofy.


We picked a lot of blueberries the day before the party. I didn’t realize how many we had fed Camilla along the way until she pooped blue for four days afterward.

Fresh blueberries and watermelon.

Then again, she also got quite a few berries while we were waiting for the guests to arrive.

Eating some blueberries before the guests arrive.

Blueberries are her new favorite food.

I tried to move some of the birthday cheer into the living room as well.

I hung more paper garlands all the way around the room.

Paper garlands in the living room.

I guess this also serves as a sneak peek of my recently redecorated living room.

The on-time guests...

Which filled up pretty quickly once the guests started to arrive.

Her "god-aunt" Sophia.

I feel kind of bummed that I didn’t get a photo of everyone who was there.

Playing with Madison.

Since Camilla won’t remember the actual party, I want her to be able to make her own memories after the fact when she looks at the photos.

I know that I did that with our old family albums.

Lots and lots of babies.

At least you can imagine the sort of chaos there was with many babies in one rather small apartment.

(Not to mention the adults!)

I am so happy that she is finally getting old enough to really “play” with her friends. :)

The birthday cupcake.

I decided to do cupcakes instead of one big cake. The polka-dot wrappers may have had something to do with that.

Oh, is that for me??

Taking her first bite.


Going back for more.

Feeling pleased.

Camilla giveth…

…and Camilla taketh away.

There was a very lovely pile of presents to be opened.

It seems that one year is when present-opening really starts to make sense.

A baby finally realizes that these things are for her.

What's in here?

Opening presents.

Hello Kitty was the biggest success of the afternoon, although I know that all her presents will be used in turn.

Hello Kitty was the most exciting present of all.

Some of you may remember we have not yet reached yet Camilla’s real birthday, which is June 27. We are leaving for a short bit of travel and then a big long trip to WA and ID and this was the only time to have a party with our Pensacola friends. As part of our packing shenanigans I am sending my computer ahead of us, so this will be the last blog entry for a while. That’s kind of a shame since I have a few more sewing projects to share, but we’re switching to the summer schedule here and blogging just doesn’t rank up there with “visiting grandparents” and “going to the beach.” Thank you dear readers for continuing to check back here despite my very spotty blogging record…I promise to return with photos of our visit home.

3 thoughts on “She had a birthday party.

  1. Lovely! Wish we could have enjoyed it with you guys. Guess we’ll just have to celebrate when you guys are here. I will get my needles going!

  2. How absolutely wonderful! I love your garlands. You and Camilla looks so pretty. I was happy to see St. Andrew friends too.

    Happy Birthday, Camilla!

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