My baby is punk.

Camilla just woke up this way one morning last week, so I had honestly had nothing to do with this.

My baby is punk.

In addition to the hair, I think she has a very teenage look on her face that just cracks me up.

I should have posted these right away because they already seem very dated by the fact that she wasn’t standing up yet.

Pulling herself up is her new favorite activity.

She spent a day or so pulling herself up to her knees, but that wasn’t good enough. Oh no, this baby’s got to stand. (She’s got to stand far more than she’s got to crawl, which is still that belly-scootchy thing even though I know she can get up on all fours if she wants to.)

Now that she’s standing, I have pushed my walking predictions up a bit. Maybe by the end of May? The Beans, incidentally, should be living in fear of that day. For now, she can daintily walk away whenever the baby gets too close. But as soon as Camilla can walk…

The Beans has no respect for a baby learning to crawl.

(There’s no real explanation for the rest of these. They’re just excessively cute.)

The "ooo" face.

I mentioned our one-computer situation in my last post and it is, of course, the reason why this one is so slow as well. After thinking about it, however, I told husband that we could last through the end of the summer on one computer. This is tremendously inconvenient but — I think — better for my soul. For me, having a computer around is sort of like watching daytime tv: so difficult to do in moderation that it’s usually just best not to do it all. It would be very nice to be able to edit photos and write blog posts and work on the occasional graphic design job, but that usually spills over to poking around blogs with one hand while trying to keep the baby amused with the other. And that’s not why I’m staying at home. That’s just lazy.

Anyhow, the computer situation may be the death-knell for the blog, but I’ll try to keep popping in every once in a while with a bunch of photos for the grandparents and other interested parties. During my precious snatches of computer time I am working rather frantically on some other projects, but when they’re done I might have a lull (she said, optimistically).

In the meantime, how about some more of this face to tide you over?

Pleased with her own success.

And this one?

It says, put down the camera and the computer and play with me, mommy!

And I shall oblige.


3 thoughts on “My baby is punk.

  1. I just love her little hair!! So cute. Amazing how she woke up with that. You know, I sure love seeing pictures of Bean, too. We’re getting very excited to have her. Hugs. :)

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