Sweet potatas.

Since we basically live in The South, I figured it would be good for Camilla to develop a healthy appetite for sweet potatoes. Even if they’re served to you buried in marshmallows, they’re quite nutritious and plenty sweet on their own so I thought they’d meet with approval from a baby who likes anything mixed with banana.

Eating sweet potato for the first time.

Unfortunately, the early results were not quite what I had hoped for.

(She looks so suspicious, doesn’t she?)

Mom, you know I don’t like things with weird textures. Stop trying to save time by mashing it with a fork and pull out the hand blender, for Pete’s sake.

Things did go a little better once I pureed it.

And once she got ahold of the spoon.

Banging on things is a new favorite activity.

Banging on things with a spoon is one of her new favorite activities.

Mmm...a nice little potato beard.

In the end, I am happy to say that she had the Abe Lincoln goatee of success.


This next batch of photos is Just Because…I thought Camilla looked sooooo cute in her little church outfit yesterday that I couldn’t resist sharing. Now you can enjoy some spring baby scrumptiousness on the first day of March. :)

Our Sunday best.


8 thoughts on “Sweet potatas.

  1. I love Camilla’s little outfit! She is looking very relaxed with the camera. You know, Paula, it would be wonderful to see more pictures of you and her together. When my kids were small I seemed to take most of the pictures. As a result there are very few pictures of the children and me together.

    These pictures are so cute. Love the Abe Lincoln goatee. Thanks much for posting them!

  2. I love Camilla’s little shoes. I love baby shoes, adorable pictures. The green dress she’s wearing is also perfection, just so you know.

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