Baby Isla comes to play.

On Friday we had the opportunity to take of Isla, Camilla’s best baby buddy. The girls were just so stinkin’ cute together that I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera. Care to see how our afternoon went?

Baby Isla comes to play!

Isla came while Camilla was napping but when I carried her into the living room, she broke out into the hugest smile.

She has pretty shoes.

I didn’t even bother with toys for a while because they were so amused by each other.

She can walk.

Even though Isla’s about the same size, she’s two months older and can already walk.

Sometimes we get left behind.

This meant that poor Camilla got left in the dust sometimes…

…while at others she was the subject of a little too much attention. (I put the camera down right after this.)

Camilla wishes she could sit up, too.

Camilla was also a little bummed that she can’t sit up by herself yet.

It seems that sitting babies have all the fun. (And the toys.)

Learning to share.

I can see that having friends over is very important when it comes to learning how to share.

For now, though, I am pleased with how well they both did.

Eventually the fussies set in and we moved to the kitchen to have a little snack.

Eating happily.

It’s so fun to have a friend over for lunch!

Isla buckled down and ate her peas with gusto.

Making a big ol' mess.

Camilla, however, was so distracted that she made an even bigger mess of her teething biscuit than usual.

Trying it out for the first time.

Eventually, I gave Camilla a turn in the exersaucer while Isla cruised around the kitchen. I had been trying to convince myself that these things are overrated (and thus we don’t need to have a massive plastic baby gym in our apartment), but alas…Camilla did not get the memo. She loved it.

The excersaucer kept them both happy at once.

What can I say? It kept them both happy at once. I am converted.

(Not shown: the triumph of womanhood in which I held a nursing Camilla with my left arm and fed Isla her bottle with my right. I can feed two babies at once!)


5 thoughts on “Baby Isla comes to play.

  1. “I am converted”….hahaha!! You’re cute. Sure enjoyed these pictures and your commentary. Amazing how we love having friends from the earliest years of our lives.

  2. Feeding two babies at once? Hmmm…… Did you know we have twins in our family? My mom’s mother (Josh’s great grandmother) had twin boys back in the 30’s. I don’t know if you can say that twins “run in the family”, but there are been some twins!

  3. You are a natural at this mom stuff…Congratulations!:) and a super blogger….love, love, love all your postings, especially seeing Camilla growing up.

    Oh,and Josh has twins on his mom’s side of the tree too…her dad’s mom’s mom(Josh’s great great grandmother) had twin girls.

  4. Alright, aunties…now you’re making me nervous. No, I didn’t know about the twins. And I’m not *asking* to feed more than one baby, just saying that it seems to be possible!

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