A bit of paper crafting.

I am typing this in between pairs figure skating performances, so we’ll see how that works. Why are my favorite olympic events on so late at night? I have a 5 am alarm clock that never forgets to reset itself.

Belated Valentine's decorations.

I told my mum that I would post photos of a little bit of crafting I did for a Valentine’s Day luncheon at church. I forgot to take my camera on Sunday but I put a few of the garlands up in our apartment since they’re so pretty that I can’t bear to put them away for an entire year. I’d forgotten how much I like red and pink sometimes.

I got the idea from the Purl Bee and wanted to make them in felt but felt wouldn’t fit into my circle cutter and I just didn’t have it in me to cut them all out by hand (I made 54 feet of these).

Paper circle garland.

So, in case you’re wondering, the instructions work just as well with cardstock. The only real problem I had was with the invisible thread: after some practice, I learned to sew a few blank stitches in between circles in order to create some extra space. If you sew them one after another the thread tends to tighten and pulls the circles together, which means that they aren’t free to spin.

Sewn with invisible thread.

I really liked the method of cutting out all your colors, putting them in a bag, jumbling them up, and then just seeing what you get. I think the randomness makes these look more modern, which is something I wanted.

This is unrelated, but here Bean is modeling one of my new(ish) kitchen improvements: I added window film to our sliding glass door. She’s a little miffed because I took away her view, but now she doesn’t bark and wake the baby so much since she can’t see all our neighbors walking their dogs. And I feel free to leave the curtains open most of the time since I don’t think that everyone is using the opportunity to scope out our apartment.

Back to the garlands, though…I made 6 strands of red and pink, 6 of red and white, and 6 of a red/pink/green/blue combo that I’m going to use for Camilla’s birthday (hey, I used to get paid to plan ahead). So now I have plenty to rotate through the different seasons and I have paper and plans to make up a few more colorways. If you’re looking for a cheap craft that looks good on the ceiling, I really recommend these garlands: we think they’re pretty great!

Camilla approves.


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