All about food.

I waited until Christmas Day to give Camilla her first bite of food because I’m sentimental about stuff like that. She was 6 months old and had been closely watching us put that mysterious stuff in our mouths for weeks so I deemed her ready for some rice cereal. Before we gave Camilla her first bites, I was feeling a little mopey about nursing and how she wasn’t going to want me anymore and that sort of thing. But as you can see, it turns out that I didn’t need to worry: milk is definitely still baby’s first choice.

(These photos are actually from her second taste since the lighting was terrible the first time and I was laughing so hard that all the photos are shakey. But the sequence of events is essentially the same.)

One of her first bites...

What?!? Is this for me?? I am literally shaking with excitement that I get my very own bite of food!


Cough, cough, splutter.

What the heck, people? This is disGUSting! There is no way that this is what you get so excited about.

Ewwwwwy ewwwy ewwy ewy ew.

An empty spoon…now that’s more like it.


We figured out pretty quickly that the most objectionable element to oatmeal and rice cereal was the texture. So we gave that a break for a few weeks and switched to large pieces of apple and pear that doubled as teething toys. They were a much bigger hit.

Yaaayyy, I know what this is!

This is the good stuff.

Apple is much better than oatmeal, I guess.

I don’t know who they think they’re foolin’ with that other nonsense…rice cereal is for loser babies. I only want apple.

Once, in my (ahem) absence, husband also presented her with half of an overripe cantaloupe.

After inspecting it closely, she tackled the problem with all of her baby skills.

I guess cantaloupe is pretty okay, too.

Her first taste of cantaloupe.

Unfortunately, the arrival of her two bottom teeth meant that handing her big chunks of fruit wasn’t such a great idea anymore since she could break off surprisingly large pieces. Enter those genius little mesh bag thingies.

We stuff a piece of apple or pear in the top, hand it over, and let her work on it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

Then everybody is happy.

My only concern is that the mesh part is really hard to clean sans dishwasher. If anyone has any tips, let me know…

Oh, here is a photo of those two little teeth. I know you were really wanting to see them, right?

Two little teeth.

Do not be fooled: they are adorable, but they are also razor-sharp. And gnawing on fingers is their preferred form of entertainment. Camilla has been teething again like crazy recently and I am crossing my fingers that about four more are on the verge of appearing. If only one piddly tooth shows up after a month of this then I am going to be a little put out.

Scootin' on the floor.

Who, me? Make a fuss? You must be joking.

All I do all day is roll around on the floor while Mommy tries to sew.

Playin' with the Beans.

I even play nicely with The Beans.

Now that I have sticky fingers and I’ve learned to throw food on the ground, she likes me more than ever.

It’s funny how that works…


6 thoughts on “All about food.

  1. Ah, thank you so much for posting about the mesh food thingie! I discovered those after Bella was beyond that stage, but they would be so useful for Eva! She also hates the texture of cereal and purees, and will only eat the puffed rice treats and mashed up stuff from my plate. I’m going to go order one of those things right now…

  2. Even with a dishwasher it is hard to clean the mesh bags for the self-feeder. Try scrubbing it with an old toothbrush. Besides that my advice is just to buy a big box of replacements. Have you tried frozen fruit in there? The cold feels really good on their gums!

  3. Cutie, cutie, cutie! I started my kids out on sweet potatoes – cooked and mashed by me. Those mesh bag things are cool – may have to check those out – where did you get it? We have four babies at one of my schools – one born last week, twins due in May and another baby in June. I think I’m going to make some baby booties/shoes. I found a web site with some cute three part shoes that have elastic in the back so they have a chance to actually stay on. Anyway, I enjoy checking out pictures of my great-niece! She looks happy (usually!).

  4. I love these pictures! Thank you for posting!! I think it is cute that you can see Bean in the background ready to pounce on dropped food :)

  5. The toothbrush is a great idea — thanks, Leah. I don’t think I’ll ever put banana in it again, though. What a mess!

    Aunt Dawn, I’ve seen them at Target and Toys R Us. The booties sound adorable. :)

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