She still sews sometimes.

I uploaded these onto Flickr a while ago and never posted them here, so it might be that everyone who reads this blog has seen them already. Sorry! Half-finished projects are the name of the game right now.

These are the Christmas scarves that I told you about a while ago…all of them are made from thrifted & felted wool sweaters and/or an Army blanket. So I guess I think of this as a recycling project of sorts. I had five girls and one guy on my list, and I tried to come up with something unique for each one.

(Please excuse the strange pensive expressions. It is very hard to know how to look when you’re trying to take pictures of yourself.)

The ruched scarf.

The Ruched Scarf.

The Victorian scarf.

The Victorian.

The kelp scarf.

The Kelp Scarf.

The double helix scarf.

The Double Helix. (You can’t tell, but the ends do twist just like DNA.)

The boy scarf.

The Boy Scarf.

The tree nymph scarf.

The Tree Nymph.

I tried to make all of the designs my own except for the last one, which is based on the fabulous scarf on the cover of Sewing Green.

I think I mentioned that I also did a lot of baby/child-present sewing. I made nine softies in all; seven of them were based off of this pattern by Wee Wonderfuls, and two were little robots that I forgot to take a photo of before they left the house. They were all very fun to make, but after doing so many I was (and still am) ready to take a break from softies. Those little arms and legs are hard to turn out and stuff.

For Catherine.

For Catherine.

For Ransom.

For Ransom.

For Ellie.

For Ellie.

For Etta.

For Etta.

For Samantha.

For Samantha.

My friend Nathalie and I have begun a little experiment where we get together every other week, pen the babies in my kitchen, and try to get some sewing done. Our inagural session went really well: my baby was fascinated by her baby and her baby was fascinated by the dog, so everyone had something to look at. The babies stayed up way to long due too the excitement and then crashed and took long naps, so we actually got something done! I finished a diaper holder for my purse that’s very handy but looks so-so since I didn’t plan my seam allowances well enough, so I don’t really want to show it here. There are a plethora of projects on my to-sew list, however, so I’m sure that something else will make the cut. (I reorganized a few closets the other day and put my sewing things in the kitchen closet, so I’m hoping I can whip out the sewing machine a little more often in the future.)

To be honest, my head has been exploding with ideas lately and my body just can’t keep up the pace. I have big projects in the works for the now-closed Etsy shop, another possible art/design adventure, some local consignment opportunities, lots of sewing and re-decorating for the apartment…it just goes on and on. I feel like half-finished projects and ideas are littered all around me at the moment. All I need is a lot of time. Oh, and money. Both of which are in short supply. Sometimes I wish that Good Ideas came at regular intervals instead of alternating between none and an avalanche.

On the baby front, Camilla has been growing like a (very pretty) weed and sprouted two teeth last week. Or was it the week before? I’ve already lost track. The teeth did not come quietly and I found myself plumbing the depths of sleep deprivation yet again. Sheesh, I think it was as bad as the newborn days. This combined with some bad sleep habits led me to believe that we needed to set some napping and nighttime goals and actually stick with them. I started a long post about this but quit because I don’t think we’ve gotten far enough for me to make any profound observations. After considering and briefly trying a variety of methods, we have landed somewhere in between Drs. Ferber and Sears…my goal is to find a sleep solution that isn’t full of crying but which leaves her in the crib. And while we have come a long way, I am REALLY looking forward to that wonderful, blissful night which must surely be in my future somewhere when I get 8 hours of sleep. In a row.

Until then, I am nodding my head a little as I watch the child roll happily around the living room. I think crawling is just around the corner, but I’ve thought that since December. Who knows…


5 thoughts on “She still sews sometimes.

  1. What a beautiful job of stretching a dollar!

    I remember what it was like trying to get things done when the babies were napping…thinking I had be Wonder Woman during that time. By the time I was thirty, I was really exhausted. I think if I’d napped when they did life would have been better for my whole family.

    As talented and creative as you are, it must be really difficult to give yourself permission to rest.

  2. Rosina, the felt is sewn onto the hats with varying degrees of success (the rosette and leaf ones turned out the best). I ran out of felt so I had to by the hats pre-made.

    Jeanne, your advice is good and I don’t think I’ll bite off quite so much next year. However, as much as I would like to, I can rarely nap when Camilla does. It takes me such a long time to fall asleep during the day that I am usually finally drifting off right when she wakes up, which just makes me annoyed with her. This happened so many times that I’ve given up and just try to go to be early (or do without sleep) instead. :(

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