A snippet.

We don’t own a camcorder, which a number of people have told us is a mistake since we will undoubtedly want to see videos of Camilla’s baby whatsits in the future. However, I have tried to make up for this by simply taking gratuitous amounts of photos of little snippets of our daily life.

These ones are from her new high chair, which has been declared a very satisfactory perch from which to play with toys and watch silly mom try to do a few things in the kitchen. I do wish that I could post an accompanying soundtrack…based on her current volume level I think she’s going to be a chatty little thing when she gets bigger, which would please us to no end.


The new high chair.


5 thoughts on “A snippet.

  1. And let me chip in before my sister does….


    (And while you may think this is getting old, you Uncle still thinks its hilarious.)

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