The Christmas Feast.

Husband really likes to take photos when we cook a big meal together, so here are some belated ones from our Christmas dinner. The menu was:

Goose rubbed with citrus and 5 spice and stuffed with sage, apples and onions
Crispy potatoes with white cheddar
Chesnut stuffing
Brussel sprouts with bacon and chesnuts
Christmas pudding

Everything turned out quite well except the potatoes, which were not as crispy as we wanted and better upon reheating. It was quite a bit of food for two people, but we invited friends over the next day to help us finish the leftovers and made a nice goose noodle soup after that. It turns out that goose is delicious and surprisingly versatile…I guess we’ll have to have it next Christmas as well!

Making our Christmas dinner.

Orange zest for the rub.

Apples and fresh sage.

Stuffng the goose.

The goose!

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

The stuffing begins.


Brussel sprouts with bacon and chesnuts.


Carving the goose.

The feast.

Christmas pud.

The pudding aflame.


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