Modern fairytales.

I am spending my days sewing like a maniac whenever the baby permits, but of course I can’t show you any of that stuff until after Christmas. Humph. I’m a little short on sleep (okay, a lot short) but everything is turning out pretty well and I have ripped out remarkably few seams. For me, seam ripping is one of the least productive-feeling activities imaginable. So as long as I’m sewing seams that get to stay sewn, I feel like I’m making progress.

However, I remembered today that I do have some new art that I haven’t shown on my blog yet so I’m not without eye candy. I made these three pieces in November for a show at The Storm Cellar in Moscow, ID (show date TBA). I have been wanting to do some collage really badly and this was my first attempt that wasn’t part of an elementary classroom project.

It was kind of a huge pain since I had to decide on my concept, make the drawings, decide how to group the pieces, make a color scheme, paint a bunch of pieces of paper, transfer the drawings, cut them out, and then assemble the final pieces. Plus, a couple of these pieces + backgrounds were painted multiple times since I didn’t like the first version. It’s a ridiculous amount of work for something that comes out looking relatively simple, but I think I’m okay with that. I even have plans for a couple more…

Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel



Snow White Rose Red.

Snow White, Rose Red

I believe that prints will eventually be available on the The Storm Cellar’s website and the originals will also be for sale at the store. The colors are a little off on my monitor…they look better in print and in real life!

[I should also mention that the characters are based on photos from The Sartorialist, which we bought as soon as it came out. If you have a copy, can you spot the originals? ;) I got the idea for the set when I was flipping through the book a few months ago and some of the figures seemed as though they lived their own fairytale lives in NYC or Paris or wherever. My copy is full of sticky notes marking different photos as Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Little Red Riding Hood, and a cast of other characters just waiting to be collaged.]


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