Catching the holiday spirit.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while…I am working as madly as possible on some presents which of course can’t be shown until after Christmas. My mind has been chock full of ideas since October but there is a little issue with the time it takes to bring them into being. The poor baby was also a little under the weather this week and wanted to be held a lot, which is of course the first priority. So other things are getting squished into the evening after she goes to bed or into the 4:30-5:30 am morning time slot that she has taken to liking again. I figure that if I have to be awake while she practices rolling in her crib I might as well cut some fabric, right?

I realize that I never even said anything about Thanksgiving, which turned out to be a truly lovely holiday for us. We were stuck in Pensacola miles from family and I didn’t have particularly high hopes, but we got an invitation to Josh’s principal’s family celebration and had an absolutely fantastic time.

Thanksgiving with the Trotters.

Sometimes it’s really hard to spend a major holiday with someone else’s family because they just do everything a little bit differently than yours and you can’t shake that awkward feeling. Well, this wasn’t one of those times…we had a blast.

The requisite family photo.

I only have these couple of pics, but hopefully you can tell from the smiles that we were enjoying ourselves. (No, Camilla doesn’t wear the stripey tights all the time…I’m just getting maximum mileage out of them before she gets too big. Wouldn’t you?)

Since this is the baby’s first Christmas, I want to squeeze all the fun out of it and we put up our fake tree the day after Thanksgiving. I know it doesn’t smell as good as the real thing, but it’s re-usable, very cost effective, and I like being able to make a spontaneous decision that I must put up the tree right this instant and only have to go as far as our storage room to make it happen.

Oh, we also found our Santa hats. We now affectionately refer to the dog as “The Christmas Beans.”

The Christmas Beans.

And Camilla is “The Christmas Baby.”

Too bad these photo shoots always end the same way…

How it inevitably ends.


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