Making the grandmas happy.

We returned last night from a very successful trip home. Tim and Hilary got married, we got to see some snow from the warmth and comfort of our car, and we made two grandmas very, very happy.


Of course, it turns out that making grandmas happy isn’t all that hard to do — all you need is a pudgy, smiling baby.

(Or even just a pudgy, non-smiling baby: it seems that the wedding hubbub was so exciting that Camilla forgot to smile for a while.)

Although I was initially supposed to take the wedding photos, a professional volunteered and I got to happily fade into the background and just enjoy myself. As a result, I didn’t end up with many photos at all…I don’t even have a pic of the lovely bride and groom. :(

It was impossible not to snap a few pictures of the grandmas, however, since they snatched up the baby as often as they could.

And it’s a good thing I took these when I did, because that cute little red dress and tights got covered in what my sister calls a “poo-nami” before the wedding even started, ushering in the classic parenting scenario where the frantic mother has twenty minutes to drive back to the hotel to find outfit B.

Showing grandma our flying skills.

Note to self: make sure to pack TWO cute dresses to any special occasion.

Grandma Marston.

As a daughter and daughter-in-law, I’m not sure what I could have done to make these two wonderful women happier than to give them a grandbaby.

A very happy grandma.

I know that they love me whatever I do, but throughout our trip I saw them bend over backward to express their joy in Camilla.

From rental cars to meals to hotel rooms to early morning babywatching sessions, we were just so blessed by our mothers.

(And fathers, of course….let’s not forget them!)

The Gibbs family.

I still can’t get over the way that one little baby can make everything better.


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