The wakey baby.

I took these photos yesterday morning when baby Camilla was wide awake and husband (as you can see) was not. I remember some pics like these of me and my dad in our old family albums, which leads me to believe that this is a pretty iconic image.

Baby = wide awake and ready to play.
Parent = longing for just another 20 (or 40 or 60) minutes of sleep.

The classic awake baby and snoozing parent.

Our baby, as it turns out, is the classic early riser. If she had her way, the day would — and occasionally does — begin at 4:30 am. One of my jobs lately has been learning to coax her into sleeping until, say, 6:00 or 6:30.

Like any other speedbump along the path of parenthood, our emotions toward this aspect of our baby’s character have ranged from denial to bleary-eyed acceptance.

Okay, more than acceptance: morning is Camilla’s happiest time and it would be a shame to waste those smiles and giggles.

So we play in the covers,

and show off our bendiness,
and have daddy kiss our feet.

Kiss it, daddy!

And then mom puts away the camera and we have to get out of bed.

These might be the last photos for a while since we’re going to be busy with our friend visiting from Idaho (welcome, Tom!) and getting ready to fly to Seattle at the end of the week for my brother’s wedding. Lots of exciting stuff. Camilla is much happier now than the last time we flew (she was only four weeks old), so I’m thinking that this is going to be a really fun trip.

Plus, we get to see our much-missed family, who is eagerly waiting to shower a certain baby with love and kisses. Can you blame them?


7 thoughts on “The wakey baby.

  1. When are y’all going to be in Seattle? I’ll be there Sunday (22nd) through Friday(ish). If you aren’t too swamped visiting family and such I would love to be able to see y’all!

  2. Camilla is such a cutie pie! Such great shots. Your bedroom sure is full of light for just 6:30. I wonder if Camilla would sleep longer if her room had black out curtains. 4:30 is really up with the birds!

    • Paula,

      These are so great. There are so many days where I see this with us. Accept now, since Lily runs into our room and climbs on our bed and headbutts us awake, it has lost a bit of it’s soft charm and become more, to put it bluntly, painful for wake up before 6:30. Camilla = adorable.


  3. Ahh, Cate is just the same in her early morning rising and disposition. Do you realize they’d be the perfect roommates, both of them bright and cheerful at 5:30 am. This morning I stayed snuggled up in my covers and tried to sleep while listening to Cate giggle and squeal. It was still dark. :)

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