I thought we had passed hurricane season but I guess I was wrong: it doesn’t look like a particularly bad one, but Hurricane Ida is sort of heading our way.  On the plus side, schools are closed for the next three days so husband gets to run around collecting bottled water and crackers and such while I play with the babe. And then if the power does go out we can have a little no-computer, no-tv family time.

Actually, it might not be so terrible after all as long as the roof stays put.

Right, Camilla?

P.S. Thanks for all the kind words about our diapering situation. It is kind of embarrassing to try and fail, especially since cloth diapers are so popular with our demographic (and for good reasons). But I’m just going to be grateful that there’s an option out there that meets our family’s needs and move on. Happy baby, happy mama.


5 thoughts on “Um…

  1. After Pensacola got hit by two hurricanes in the Summer of 1995, the Weather Channel became my favorite TV station, and I was convinced I would be a storm chaser when I grew up. The first was Erin – a mild hurricane – and my family stayed put. I still remember walking outside halfway through as the eye of the storm passed over us. The second was Opal, and we evacuated with most of the rest of the city. Opal obliterated Pensacola Beach, and although our house thankfully held, I still remember my mom crying over family picture albums as we decided what little to take with us. Ironically, Opal was also a late-season storm and took the same path that Ida is forecast to do: Stay safe and enjoy!

  2. On the diapers,

    Lauri started our with the cloth diapers and even a diaper service. It didn’t last beyond the first child and the first year.

    Wait ’til you get to potty training. At one time, with one of our kids, Lauri was very discouraged. I offered up the following “Well Honey, it’s not like they are going to be in diapers forever.”

    She looked at me sincerely and said, “Are you sure??”

  3. While there was something very wholesome-feeling about cloth diapers, I always felt a little bit like they were punishment for already being poor.

    That, and I had about as much self-control with disposables as a little kid with candy. If they were in the house, I would use them. Until they were gone. (Um…counter-productive?)

    My consolation is that since they were hand-me-down prefolds and homemade pockets, they DID save us money for the on-and-off times that I used them. And, if we ever really, truly, couldn’t afford disposables, we have them, and they’re an option if we need them.

    So, there you have it. I’m out of the closet as a cloth-diapering dropout, too.

    She’s got to be one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen, Paula.

  4. Yes, I see a crawler in your near future. lol

    If I were you, I’d spend as much time with Camilla as possible and forget the projects and cloth diapers. lol….what a sweet doll!!

  5. Ditto what Erin said. I have 10 happy heiny 3in1s. I only use them when absolutely necessary. Like between the 28th and the 30th (payday) of the month. I agree with you on the whole less garbage/wholesomeness aspect. But my daughters both leaked hopelessly out of them and whoa-baby laundry!! Don’t feel bad. I decided to be green in other ways…like making my own babyfood and attempting to grow a garden. It all cancels out, right?

    Camilla is so beautiful! Way to go you two!

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