A hint of fall.

The temperature dropped to the mid-60s over the weekend, which is some of the coldest air I’ve felt since, like, March. It was heavenly.

Our Sunday outfit.

It also gave me an excuse to break out Camilla’s awesome hand-me-down stripey tights and velour Ralph Lauren dress for church on Sunday.

(There were some shoes, too, but those were kicked off early on.)

Stripey tights!

I wanted to add a darling navy blue and white coat on top, but the babe was pretty toasty warm as it was. We’re back up to 75 today, but hopefully we’ll get enough little cold spells this fall and winter that she’ll get to wear all of her warm clothes at least once.

Ah, the trials of being a Florida baby…

P.S. Thank you for the shop love! I can’t wait to send out all my packages on Friday, especially since so many of them are going to familiar names. :)


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