Closing time.

It was fun while it lasted, but my time on Etsy has come to an end. Both and are closing, and everything has been marked down at least 50%. (I don’t have all the letters of the alphabet anymore, but there are still plenty if you’re trying to make initials instead of words or names.)

More Alphabirdybet prints!

I know that there are some moms who can raise kids, keep the house clean, cook meals, and run an online shop, but I am not one of them. Even if I get to draw or paint every once in a while, it’s not enough to sustain both my stores. And it’s kind of stressful to know that they’re out there and I need to try to fill them.

Holiday cards.

Soooo, pick up your prints now if you want them! I’ll probably sell off my shipping supplies last (stayflat mailers, clear envelopes, etc.) but if you’re interested in those let me know. I ordered them en masse two years ago and it was a pretty sizeable investment, so I would be happy to help another person miss out on the shipping fees for a 30 lb box of mailers.

The Perfect Chair.

The good news for friends and relatives is that once the Etsy goods are gone, I’ll turn my attention to fun stuff like, say, Christmas presents. (And baby clothes — I am just dying to make Camilla a sweet autumn dress, especially now that the temp has dropped to 65 degrees.) But mostly I need to make sure that I don’t get so wrapped up in what I want to do that I get grumpy when a little baby voice tells me that somebody woke up from her nap after only 10 minutes.

Camilla says, Please buy mommy’s prints so she can give all her attention to me!

One last bassinet pic. 

How can you say no to that face?


One thought on “Closing time.

  1. I CAN’T say “no” to that sweet face!

    I’d like the entire Peaceable Kingdom series, I’m thinking for above the piano, what do you think? Do you want me to order on etsy or pay you directly?

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