Ode to the bassinet.

I can hardly believe it, but Camilla has almost outgrown her bassinet.

Playing in the bassinet.

The bassinet has, for the past 15 weeks, been the most important piece of furniture in our house. It was a hand-me-down from friends at church which I almost didn’t accept…I mean, a baby is supposed to sleep in a crib, right? (Obviously I hadn’t read any of the attachment parenting books yet!)

But we brought it home anyway because we thought it would be nice to have her in our room. It took us only a few days to realize that, in addition to being a convenient place for her to sleep, the bassinet provided the only surefire way to make Camilla calm down during those early colicky days. Some genius manufacterer put the whole thing on wheels, so when she was really screaming we would swaddle her, set her inside with Sleep Sheep (an ambient noise toy), and push it vigorously back and forth across the floor.

One for each hand.

Before long, her little eyelids would be drooping and the crying would stop. Ahhhh.

The bassinet was rendered even more fun when I was given a toy thingummy (bar? clip?) that goes on top. Now that her coordination is good enough to reach and grab for things, she loves to lie on her back and pull at the toys. Many a meal has been made possible by wheeling the bassinet in the kitchen so Camilla can see both Mommy and Turquoise Cow.

Getting good at grabbing.

But — alas! — I can see that those days are numbered. She has about three inches above her head when her feet are touching the bottom, and I think it’s time to move to the crib after all. Sniff.

Almost too big.

So we are enjoying things while they last, keeping in mind that babies are too busy growing and learning to stay the same for long.

Camilla at (almost) 15 weeks.

I don't know what to call this expression...

Sticking her tongue out.


5 thoughts on “Ode to the bassinet.

  1. My sweet Rylie slept in a moses basket in her crib for the first three months. In her crib, at the in-laws, at church… I wanted one for aesthetic, cutie reasons. I had no idea how functional it would be. Never turn things down! You just never know!

  2. I haven’t checked your blog in quite some time and had to comment on what a sweet doll baby Camilla has blossomed into. I bet you have so much fun nibbling on those sweet toes! She is beautiful and your photos of her make me downright envious! I need to get a new camera.

  3. I just can’t get enough of these pictures. Camilla is so cute. We miss you all very much. Thanks so much for posting them!

  4. Had a bassinet for Jason…loved having him right by the side of the bed for those middle of the night feedings.

    So great to see beautiful Camilla!….so precious

    Always amazes me to see how quickly babies grow…yes, looks like she is ready for her crib very soon :>)

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