Going cloth.

Thanks to a generous donation from Lauren and baby Jane, we are now cloth diaperers.

Trying our new cloth diapers!

I wish I could say that we are trying to save the planet, but the truth is that disposables are just too expensive (if you get the nice ones, which are the only kind that don’t smell like chemicals).


Now that we’ve made the switch, though, I can’t get over how adorable her giant cloth-covered bum is. I want to keep her half-naked all day so I can admire it and the ever growing baby buddha belly.

Belly button.

This wish may come true, seeing that a lot of her 3-6 month clothes aren’t going to fit anymore. Aargh. The dresses are okay, but I’ll need some new t-shirts and loose pants.

Part of the problem is that the diapers are a wee bit big (medium Bummis covers and large prefolds), but she is over 14 pounds now and the chub accumulation shows no signs of slowing down.

Camilla at 13 weeks.

Which is fine with me. I do love a nice plump baby.

Camilla is getting stronger as well as fatter. She rolled over on the bed last week but hasn’t managed to repeat the trick since.

Just beginning to like being on her tummy.

I wish she would. I know she’ll have fun when she can scoot/crawl.


In the meantime, I guess we’ll just settle for sucking on our hands and drooling all over. (It seems that teething has decided to make an early appearance.)

Starting to teethe.

This has added a little extra fussiness to our days, but in between there are lots of happy times.

She makes new noises every day — it used to just be “agoo,” but now we’re hearing all manners of gurgles and squeals. And laughs, from time to time. Is there anything better than making your baby laugh?


9 thoughts on “Going cloth.

  1. Hi Paula,
    I looked here yesterday morning and saw nothing new. Then just before I left to go out, I thought to make a note to ask for new pictures and when I opened up Jupiter Buttons, these were here. Thank you from all of us in Port Angeles.

  2. I am so glad that you are already started using them.

    Henry also used those diapers for a short while before he was potty-trained. Jane is nearing age 2. Time for her to learn to use the potty now.

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