Somebunny’s not very happy about this.

I was given an adorable hand-me-down bunny hat yesterday that I thought might be the beginnings of a nice Halloween costume. Unfortunately, it’s already a little too small for Camilla’s head. That didn’t stop us from taking a few pics, though.

Things started off well.

The bunny hat.

But quickly degenerated.

Who knew we were such mean parents?

Not very happy about this...


6 thoughts on “Somebunny’s not very happy about this.

  1. I work at Aurora Waldorf School near Buffalo, NY and I am creating the invitation for our annual fund raising auction. I discovered this maple leaf image of yours during an exhaustive internet search for the perfect autumn leaf. Your image is beautiful and fits perfectly with our our event’s autumn theme and our school’s strong ties with nature. I would like to respectfully ask for your permission to use this image on our invitations. We will be sending no more than 250. We will gladly give credit to you in the program if you wish. Thank you for your consideration,

    • Hello Jane,

      I would be pleased as punch to let you use the image. Which one exactly are you referring to? (The photo or the drawing?) Let me know and I will email you a high-resolution file. My name in the program would be nice, if there’s room.


  2. Thank you Paula – I am using the pencil(?) illustration of the fallen maple leaf … it is beautiful in it’s simplicity …. Jane – also, how would you like your name to appear in the program?

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