Vacation, part 5.

The problem with taking lots and lots of pictures at an event is that you run out of enthusiasm long before you run out of photos. And then you want to take new ones, but you know that if you start doing that you will never finish dealing with the old ones. (At least, this is how it works for me.) So, because I want to start taking new pics of the baby’s ever-increasing cuteness, I am squishing highlights from the rest of our vacation into this post. These were all taken at my grandfather’s house in Port Orchard, WA, or in that general vicinity.

There are a bajillion more over here, but I just didn’t think everyone needed or wanted to see all of them. Except family. You will want to click over and have a look.

Here are a few.

Camilla’s first ferry ride.


Now everybody's happy!


The proud great-grandfather.

Four generations.

Four generations.


The Gibbses.

Picking apples.

Picking blackberries.

Everybody chipped in.


Future jam.

Making jam.

Hard at work.

Admiring the neighbor’s horses.

Admiring the horses.


The California cousins.

Aunt Lauri.

Scenes from grandpa’s house.

Grandpa's house.

The woods.



The much-loved croquet set.

The birdbath.

Pip's favorite toy.


In the shed.

Grandma's organ.

In the library.


3 thoughts on “Vacation, part 5.

  1. My goodness, why weren’t your photographs hanging up at the school?! I’m embarrassed now…
    My kids were totally blown away by the blackberry bushes :-)

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