Vacation, part 4.

I saved most of the family pics for a separate post…while in Pullman, we stayed at my parents’ house and hung out with dad and Tim in the morning before they left for work.


Grandpa Marston.

Somehow, I think that the title “Uncle Tim” may morph into “Crazy Uncle Tim” at some point in the future. :)

Uncle Tim.

We also did some relaxing and lounging around the house, but a massive heat wave made everything roasty-toasty by mid-morning.

Morning light.

Camilla was not so keen on the heat.

All that sweating led to more baths, however, which led to the exciting discovery of The Baby in the Mirror. Ooooooh!

The fascinating baby in the mirror.

The last night of our stay we kept up the Marston family tradition of barbecuing at Kamiak Butte (we’ve done this before).

Barbecuing at Kamiak Butte.

It was so lovely and cool under the trees — Camilla stared up at them for some time.

The view wasn’t too bad, either.

The Palouse.

We had a great time chatting with Uncle Tim and Future Aunt Hilary about wedding stuff.

Tim & Hilary.

Conversations with them are never boring.

Next up: our return to western Washington to see grandpa and lots of California cousins.

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