Vacation, part 3.

These are more photos from our visit to Moscow, Idaho, the town where we lived prior to moving to Pensacola. We had far too little time there…I hope we can be more social next year when we’re not toting around a five-week-old baby (who did a lot of the screaming seen below).

Moscow Farmer's Market.

We did make it to the most excellent and much-missed Farmer’s Market, however. I caught up with my future in-laws (above) and my sister (below), and we bumped into a few other friends along the way.

On one particularly lovely evening we were invited to the Jones’s farm in Genesee for an outdoor celebration/feast.

At the Jones's farm.

My parents came along and had a fine time chatting with Howard and Mary Jones.

We got to catch up with a number of friends and see their beautiful babies.

Did I mention the babies?

And how big they’ve gotten in just one year?

Unbelievable. I used to rock that little guy to sleep on Thursday evenings.

On Sunday afternoon we had another chance to meet with friends at East City Park.

Picnicking at East City Park.

I had to make sure to get some photos of our goddaughter, Catherine.

Oh, how I miss Moscow. It was such a lovely little town to live in.



One thought on “Vacation, part 3.

  1. You know I love the beach but I see pictures of places like this and just want to travel…the greeness and the sunlight that just doesn’t seem to have sticky, wet heat clinging to it…sigh.
    Thanks for sharing…you have a lovely family and beautiful friends :-)

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