Vacation, part 2.

I’m sneaking in some blog time while waiting for The Dell Guy to come and fix husband’s problem-ridden laptop. I sure hope he can! The laptop has taken on the annoying habit of rebooting suddenly and unexpectedly, which is enough to drive anyone bonkers. I am a little down on Dell and up on Gateway at the moment…still loving my trusty black laptop. Did I ever mention that it opens Photoshop in, like, 10 seconds?

All of these photos are from the sweet, sweet time that I spent in Moscow with my friend Alisha. I got to meet baby Eco for the first time and Lish got to see Camilla — it will be so fun to reunite next summer and see how both babes have grown!

Playing behind the sofa.

In addition to several afternoons together, we had a back porch barbecue where her husband David cooked some pretty spectacular Korean beef.

Back porch barbecuing.

Mary and Eco.

Moms and daughters.

We really wanted a nice moms-and-babies shot, but it was a little hard to get all of the kids to cooperate (obviously).

All the kids.


But we did find some smiles in there somewhere.

Coaxed into smiling.

We miss you, Dalbeys!



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