That’s how many photos were on the camera when we returned to Pensacola on Saturday night (and I deleted a lot as I went along). Needless to say, it will take me some time to catch up with the backlog, especially since I seem to have a similar number of pieces of dirty laundry to be washed. Camilla’s room is being used as a stashpile yet again while I try to sort things out and evaluate what new storage paraphernelia I need. Every time I feel like I’ve got things under control, new stuff comes in and I’m not ready to part with the old stuff yet (would you believe that she’s already outgrown some of her outfits??). It’s not a bad problem to have, but everything looks and feels so messy in the meantime. Plus, husband went back to school today for a few weeks of teacher training so I only have two hands to work with during Camilla’s precious few nap times. How do other people have babies that sleep all the time? Camilla is awake most of the day, and during that time she wants some interaction.

I’m saving trip details for when I post the photos, but I will give you a sneak peak of our most recent momentous development: smiles! Camilla started smiling in earnest when she was four weeks old, beginning with a sweet grin to my father-in-law. Since then, we’ve been seeing them more and more frequently to the delight of all.

I do love so love a smiley baby.

The smile begins.


5 thoughts on “738.

  1. yes, piles of baby clothes are quite a predicament. i was sitting in them up to my neck the other day wondering what would be the right way to do this. mostly because i have been up to my nect in them *several* times. and this is my conclusion: get a truckload of clear rubbermaids. one for each size. never ever ever start mixing sizes together, sticking them in random boxes or giving them away because you’ve had it. it will all come back to haunt you. especially if baby #2 misses out on a special outfit because you didn’t find it again until they turned 3. don’t worry if it seems like too much room now, at least you will never have to re-pack anything. and you can just keep stuffing. i’m using office paper boxes right now and it takes 3 or 4 to capture one size and i’m always trying to cram in one last thing. so there, my words of warning. ;)

  2. Bella never slept either, but rather had to be held by someone who was standing and moving about constantly. I admit to a bit of bitterness against friends who told me that their babies slept all the time. But Eva sleeps all the time, so perhaps Camilla is giving you a run for your money so that all the subsequent siblings seem like a cake walk. :) One can always hope! And those are some darling smiles…

  3. What sweet smiles!
    Do you have one of those sling things? Then you could hold her and still have both hands free. (I was just laughing today at a friend who was “wearing” her baby while we made bread :-)

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