After a nice bath this morning, Camilla’s hair was particularly spectacular.

 The mohawk.

It has been growing very quickly and is now equal parts mohawk and mullet. Mm, very stylish.

Freshly bathed.

Since she’s now three weeks old and it shows no signs of falling out so far, I am hopeful that her hair is here to stay.

A little fist.

(Thanks for the pacifier encouragement, all! There are times when she sucks on it furiously and times when it’s promptly rejected with a little “pitooey.” At least there doesn’t seem to be any kind of nipple confusion…)


6 thoughts on “Hair.

  1. My goodness Paula every time I see her picture it makes me smile…what a cutie!
    (And I must say you had amazing…and enviable…light and color on these photos.)

  2. I just had to tell you I saw a nice 8×10 of Camilla on the wall of the mom’s nursing room at Logos on Sunday. Not sure who put it there. It’s the one of her sporting her sweet headphones. Incredibly cute. That hair is somethin else! Wow! You are going to have a lot of fun sytlin her up in a few months.

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